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Green Coral and Fish

Welcome to Mermaid School!

Mermaid School is an opportunity for women of ages to deepen their relationship to the Element of Water, through deepened self-awarness. In Mythology, the Goddess has three faces: Maiden, Mother and Crone. When we deepen our awareness of these three phases of our feminine experience, we are more self-aware. This means we experience more empowerment, creativity, less fear, more joy, and well, more freedom. The three levels of Mermaid School are:

  •  Maiden Voyage: Our Inner Maiden is an endless stream of Creativity. She is our first encounter with the Energy of Water. This begins in the womb.

  • By embracing our inner child and deepening our relationship to wonder and creativity, we begin to heal our relationshop with the Energy of Water. When the inner child is set free, everything makes a lot more sense

  • Mothership: This level of Mermaid School is focused on The Mother-the nurturing aspect of ourselves, but also the Source of our Power as women. The Divine Mother within us is our Source of all Flow.  When we own our Goddess aspect, we are more empowered and make healthier decisions. We heal our ability to be exactly who want to be in our Life-The Creator.

  • Queen Crone:  Crone Energy taps into the Wisdon Consciousness of Universal Flow. That Ocean of Energy bigger than all of us. This is the level where we stand as the Crone-the Wise Woman and own our Divinity as a Goddess. We own our ability to share our wisdom and all that we've learned on our Journey as a woman. We heal our relationship to the Vast Ocean of Water in the Universe by owning that we are that Ocean. 

Mermaid School is always an empowering experience and always a safe space for everyone to be exactly who they are. 

The Element of Water has so much to teach us and I invite you to join me. Remember: Mermaids don't drown.

For more information, please email me: and I will send you an information packet. These are group online experiences. I am happy to work with you one-on-one, if that feels better. Just contact me. 

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