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Spiritual Training for the Real World

  • Mermaid School for Women seeking exponential growth and learning

  • Workshops and Classes both in-person and online for women addressing Developmental Trauma and positive outcome resources

  • Ceremonial Master Training, Healer Training, Hermetic Tarot, Meditation, Gifts of the Spirit Channeling School, Spiritual Mystery Schools 2021

  • Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind. Jikiden Reiki Zenki (Shoden and Okuden) Attuned: 2010

  • Practicum- Teacher Certification Program- University of Georgia: 2008-May 2009 • MEd. Exceptional Student Education- Saint Leo University 2006-2008

  •  The Teaching of Reading and Writing-Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Education Service Agency 2005-2006

  •  CMCD: Consistency Management and Cooperative Discipline: 2005

  •  Non-Violent Crisis Intervention: Crisis Prevention Institute: 2005​​

  • B.A. Visual Arts- University of Maryland Baltimore County: 1999 Programs of Study Analytical

  •  S.T.E.P. – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting: 1989 • Body Work- Janine M. Ivory: 1990-1992

  • Fairy Tale Myth and Analytical Psychology, Buddhist Thought, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Theory- Judith Roark: 1990-1999

  •  Priestess Process-Anyaa McAndrew: 2001-2002

  •  Ordained Minister-2002 Madonna Ministry

  • Analytical Psychology- Rev. Mike Falls: 1984-1987

  • Comparative Religion and Native American Spirituality- Rev. Glenda Taylor: 1984-1987

  •  Addiction and Family Systems-John Bradshaw: 1985

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