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Canoes on a Lake

Heather M. McCrae,MEd
Consultant, Coach, Author Metaphysical Teacher

Transpersonal Archeology, Mermaid School, Private Sessions, Personal Meditations, Readings, Online Classes

Corrective Reading For Women and Girls 

I work with women and girls to teach reading and correct errors in reading education. All of my work is 100% based in the Science of Reading and how our brains work. I offer initial assessments which lead to 3X weekly sessions for optimum success. Email me for details:

How We Connect

Professional Education Consultant, Seminar Speaker and Workshop
Leader passionate about Equity and Inclusion for at-risk students in
Education. Science of Reading advocate, committed to properly training
Educators and others in Science and fact-based Literacy programs that
provide positive outcomes for all students. Empowerment for Women

Transpersonal Archeology  c.2023

As an Education Consultant, I specialize in helping business people understand their unique abilities, strengths, and challenges, and how to leverage them to create greater success. I provide a safe and supportive space for self-reflection and exploration, where clients can identify and understand their unconscious motivations and habits in order to break through income barriers.  If you are Sheldon (whatever your sexual orientation), I am a combination of Penny and Amy.

Transpersonal: of, denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

Archeology: the study of the ancient and recent human past 

Women Selfie on Beach

Mermaids Don't Drown

It takes great courage to deep dive into your own unconscious and reclaim your True Power after surviving trauma drama.  Learn how to be an expert swimmer and reclaim your inner Maiden, Mother and Crone.  Mermaid School offers three levels of learning just for you in a small group online setting.

What Women Are Saying 

My networking group and I had the privilege of participating in a Guided Meditation facilitated by Heather McCrae. Prior to the Meditation she explained the dynamics of the mind and how it's likely to behave during meditation. She also shared a variety of meditation techniques and how to take these techniques into everyday life. The Guided Meditation was called "New Beginnings" and her verbal instructions were so vivid and clear I could smell the salt of the ocean at one point and then felt the weight of my legs as I climbed the stairs at another point. I would highly recommend Heather's services for a Team, Corporate, or Group workshop. The feedback I received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. We will have her back again!

Heather provided the most beautiful and loving online tarot reading for me. She was so intuitive and insightful. I received wonderful clarity on a personal goal and great advice on how to activate it. I feel motivated and inspired,
Thank you for your wisdom & support.

Heather is a gifted healer and reader. She is authentic and works at an extremely high level. I had a reading done and it was spot on. If you are looking for the genuine article, here she is. I'm so grateful to cross paths with this amazing lady! Thank you Heather!

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